Dec 19

PICKS on Kindle Countdown!

Get in quick! The Kindle Edition of Rocci's short horror collection Picks: Some Things I Dug Up will be on sale for the next seven days, starting with the deepest discount tomorrow, 12-13-14! The price will slowly tick back to normal over the course of the week, so get yours now!

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Kindle Matchbook Now Available for Picks

If you bought your paperback copy of Picks: Some Things I Dug Up on Amazon, you can download the ebook version for FREE, even if you don't own a Kindle! Kindle Matchbook is an Amazon program that makes the Kindle Edition of select paperback books available at deep discounts (100% for Picks!), so if you already have your paperback copy or you've just ordered it and don't want to wait, check out the Kindle Edition product page and get your free download today!

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Aug 5

Giveaway on Goodreads!

Get your free copy of Rocci's short story collection Picks: Some Things I Dug Up, signed and personalized! Enter the drawing for one of five free copies here.

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