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Picks: Some Things I Dug Up

Very Well Done... I was pleasantly surprised at how well written and entertaining these stories were. The author possesses considerable talent... laugh out loud, Animal House, WTF experience... Definitely recommend.
— John. T.
ALL  ★★★★★ (5.0!)  Reviews! Get it!

ALL ★★★★★ (5.0!) Reviews! Get it!

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  1. An atheist finds himself in a foxhole on the front lines of a bloody war, or, as his girlfriend's family calls it, Sunday dinner.
  2. Security stops a man in a raincoat from destroying a priceless (and haunted) painting of a long-dead Spanish Lady, and she sees to it that no good day's work goes unpunished. 
  3. A maritime ghost haunts an unlikely spot, but he just wants to play a little game with people he meets. Alone. At night. 

These fast, brooding and shrewd short stories from one of the newest voices in horror are good fun for dark, stormy nights and marshmallow roasts alike. Bring a blanket and tuck in the kiddies... somewhere they can't hear you scream.

This was an amazingly good collection of short stories in what could arguably be called the “literary horror” genre. It’s literary, it’s weird, it’s well-written, it’s really an outstanding showcase of this writer’s talent, since the stories are each so different from one another.
— Amanda A.

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Addie: A Hate Story

This is a strange, grim little tale — I mean that in the best way... expect to be surprised and a bit disturbed... I thoroughly enjoyed it!
— Constant Reader

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Imagine meeting someone you don't like. Now imagine they won't leave you alone, even at work. Now imagine your work isn't strictly legal, but hey, your stalker isn't strictly... natural. When boy meets girl and sparks fly, things could burn. 

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